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I’ve noticed in the last few years that the younger generation is starting to step up quite a bit more, especially those in their mid-
20s. A lot of our sta  at the tribe is pretty young – even our Aniak Traditional Council Board. They really stepped up to the plate, and are willing to make a change to better the community.
At  rst I wasn’t for Donlin Gold, but then, looking at the bigger picture, looking at the feasibilities and all the di erent studies and all the di erent aspects of the plans; learning how they’re going to do it and how many setbacks on so many di erent occasions – but they’re still moving forward; they still want to work with the communities and they still want to work with the whole region. That really changed my outlook.
And the lack of jobs is a big concern here. You can sit for at least a year without any job – or you can be working part time here and part time there. Or you can go to town to apply for a job that you hear pays well, but you have to compete against a thousand other applicants. Which means you really have to step up your game, education-wise. We need job security.

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