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Angie Morgan
We all have the same worries, even though we speak di erent languages and have somewhat di erent cultures. We worry about  sh and game, subsistence, the moose population – and where you’re going to get a job.
I also worry about my grandsons, my granddaughters. The younger kids don’t see how we used to live, how we had to fend for ourselves. They don’t understand the hard times we used to have.
Some of them didn’t have any money, so they grew up with food stamps and stu  we never had when we were growing up. So it’s harder for them. This is why sometimes I think you might have opposition, even from our own shareholders, to the development of Donlin Gold. I understand that.
But this is an opportunity for them to go to work. And you don’t have to be a construction worker. You can study to be a medic, you can study to be a chef, you can study to be an o ce worker.
It’s not just because I’m part of the Board of Directors for The Kuskokwim Corporation that I’m for the mine. It’s because I know how important it is for people to have jobs; for them to have land and a home of their own.

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