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More than 10 years ago, NOVAGOLD partnered with two senior producers: with Barrick Gold to form Donlin Gold LLC to oversee development of the Donlin Gold project, and with Teck Resources to
form the Galore Creek Partnership to develop the Galore Creek copper-gold-silver project. Barrick is one of the world’s largest gold mining companies, bringing project development, construction, and operations experience to Donlin Gold; Teck is Canada’s largest diversi ed mining, mineral processing, and metallurgical company – and is one of the world’s largest base metal producers.
These are true 50/50 partnerships, with each company bringing some corporations have adopted structures which allow the issuance
its strengths and expertise to the table. We also share like-
minded values with an emphasis on strong sustainability and community engagement principles. Working together, each of us brings di erent yet complementary skills to both Donlin Gold and Galore Creek.
Because acceptance and support for mining projects must be earned, NOVAGOLD approached local communities around both projects before beginning any exploration work, not only to inform the respective stakeholders of our interests and plans, but also – and perhaps more important – to solicit feedback. Taking it a step further, for Donlin Gold, as part of ANCSA, two Alaska Native Corporations, Calista and TKC, who have the mineral and surface rights, respectively, entrusted Donlin Gold LLC to further explore and develop the land they selected under ANCSA because of its gold mineral potential.
ANCSA came into e ect in 1971 and was intended to resolve long-standing issues surrounding aboriginal land claims in Alaska, as well as to stimulate economic development throughout the state. The settlement provided twelve Alaska Native Regional Corporations the opportunity to select lands that were traditionally used for subsistence purposes – yet known to be valuable for natural resources – as partial compensation for relinquishment of their aboriginal title claims.
More than 200 local Village Corporations were given the opportunity to own the surface of the lands selected by the Regional Corporations. Calista selected the Donlin Gold mineral rights because of its known gold potential; TKC, formed with the merger of 10 Village Corporations, owns the surface rights. Individuals residing in de ned regions and villages when ANCSA was enacted became shareholders in these corporations based on their residence and native heritage. Shares can be transferred or gifted by individuals to descendants;
of new shares to descendants.
Projects like Donlin Gold – those that are owned by ANSCA
Corporations – allow Native Alaskans to realize unique opportunities for self-determination through regional economic development. Moreover, under ANCSA, Regional Corporations must share 70% of their pro ts from natural resource development on selected lands with the other Regional Corporations, who in turn must share a portion of this revenue with the Village Corporations in their regions. In essence, approximately 50% of Alaska’s voting population stands to directly bene t from the success of the Donlin Gold project.
Calista and TKC have an owner’s interest in the development
of their selected lands to support the economic prosperity of their shareholders. Bene ts include royalties, shareholder employment opportunities, scholarships and other investments in shareholder education and training, contracting preferences to Calista and TKC- owned businesses, and both direct and indirect bene ts to other local businesses in the Y-K region. Life of mine agreements are in place with both Calista and TKC, who are advocates of Donlin Gold, and who have remained engaged in outreach to local communities.
NOVAGOLD is actively involved in bringing tangible, long-lasting bene ts to all of our community partners as our projects advance through development. It’s a strategy that focuses on education and safety and health programs, with a particular focus on the needs of Alaska Native and First Nations youth. We support initiatives most relevant to community needs, connecting in ways that will help them grow and prosper: training and employment opportunities, service business contracts, and participation agreements that ensure these communities bene t  nancially and socially.
At Galore Creek, NOVAGOLD entered into a comprehensive

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