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Planning for environmentally responsible operations.

Environmental protection is a fundamental element of NOVAGOLD's business strategy. Taking the steps today to carefully plan our daily activities and design our project to prevent and mitigate environmental impact is good business practice, reducing both near- and long-term risk at our projects.

NOVAGOLD supports a project development plan that considers full life-of-mine risks and opportunities, from exploration through to development, construction, operations and finally closure and reclamation. This process is initiated through collaboration with local communities and Alaska Native partners. These communities offer generations of traditional knowledge about the local environment, and NOVAGOLD uses this local knowledge to help guide the location, layout, and design of the project infrastructure to avoid sensitive and culturally important habitats and landscapes while still maximizing the efficiencies of the operation.

The Company conducts extensive environmental studies to collect baseline data for the local environment, including air quality, water quality, and the fish, wildlife and habitats that may be impacted by the project. By maintaining a holistic view of a project's lifecycle, NOVAGOLD is able to incorporate industry-leading innovations to minimize and mitigate risk.

Donlin Gold has accumulated data from 16 years of environmental and engineering studies. This data has helped guide mining and infrastructure decisions and prepare the required documentation for the project permitting, which commenced in mid-2012. This baseline information will also be used to evaluate and manage the environmental impacts that may occur during Donlin Gold's 27-year mine life, and for many years after its closure.

NOVAGOLD encourages all employees and contractors to make sustainability a personal responsibility, as important to the success of a project as safety and fiscal responsibility. 

Click here to learn more about the industry's commitment to responsible resource development.

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